The banner only appears above the main page. To create more space for the banner, the secondary column has been fixed to the left and the tertiary column has been disabled.

If the screen is too small, the title will be displayed over the icon.

Also note that there is less space available in the menubar this way, which could lead to overflow into the secondary column and disappearing on the right. In this mode, it is usually best to use “flex-start’ for the theme properties “menubar-justify-content-medium/widest”.

This illustrates the importance of choosing a proper column width in conjunction with the necessary menubar area.

The relevant YAML frontmatter for this page is:

layout: page
title: Banner on main only
menuInclude: yes
menuTopTitle: Layout
- title: Banner on main only
  index: 1
banner-position: main
secondary-column: left
tertiary-column: none