Its been a while, almost a year since the last release.

In this release the previous reported issues have been fixed.

New in this release is the support for the inclusion of posts in the menu structure.

Two new flags in the setup file control which sources should be considered for the menu structure. There is and Their meaning should be obvious. By default both are set to ‘no’ which then results in the same behaviour as the previous version.

To remove pages from the menu, set the exclude-pages-from-menus to ‘yes’.

To include posts in the menu structure, set the include-posts-in-menus to ‘yes’.

Menu control for posts is the same as for pages. For example, this post has the following extra menu directives:

menuInclude: yes
menuTopTitle: Classic
- title: A post as menu item

For more on creating menus, see the menus item in the menu bar.

PS: Just after pushing the new release into the world, an error was discovered. Release 2.4.1 fixes this error.